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Are you behind in your mortgage payments or are you heading toward the foreclosure process? Are you late on paying your car loan? California Bankruptcy Information explains the way you can find favorable resolutions to your financial issues through filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. We understand the pressure of overwhelming debt, and our experienced bankruptcy attorney has a comprehensive knowledge of debtor and creditor laws which can help you get back in control of your finances with a debt reorganization plan.

If you are considering filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the knowledge of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is crucial for achieving your goal of financial freedom. We take pride in providing clients with accurate information so they can make informed decisions which will affect their financial future.

Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy professionals guide clients throughout the entire bankruptcy process, and provide personal representation at all related court appearances and hearings.

Our bankruptcy lawyer takes the time to thoroughly discuss all aspects of your situation during an initial consultation. This meeting is offered free of charge. Contact us by calling (951) 677-8064 to begin the process of getting out of financial trouble.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Representation in California
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also known as Reorganization Bankruptcy and is best suited for individuals who need to be relieved of financial burdens, but who want to keep their assets. This differs from a Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy in which the assets are liquidated to pay creditors.
In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection, you are in control of how your debts and assets are handled. Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy lawyer will work to help you secure more favorable credit terms through debt reorganization and may be able to achieve the following objectives:
  •  Ending creditor harassment
  •  Ending wage garnishment 
  •  Keeping your home and stopping the foreclosure process 
  •  Keeping your car and avoiding repossession 
  •  Protecting your co-signers from collection actions 
  •  Reducing interest and payments on secured debt, including car loans 
  •  Reducing payments on debt that cannot be discharged 
  •  Repaying a portion of your unsecured debt 
  •  Satisfying tax obligations while freezing penalties and interest rates 
  •  Setting up a reasonable repayment plan and avoiding further financial liabilities 
  •  Stripping off your second, third, fourth mortgage liens 
Filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy petition allows an individual to restructure debt for a period of either 36 or 60 months, depending upon income. After completing the full amount of monthly payments, the remaining debts are discharged, even if the outstanding balance hasn’t been satisfied.

It should be noted that immediately after an individual files with the bankruptcy court, creditors are prohibited from attempting to collect upon debts owed. If you continue to experience aggressive and unlawful collection tactics, our skilled Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney can bring legal action on your behalf to stop the creditor harassment and obtain financial compensation for your suffering.
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Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney works diligently to provide personal attention to each client throughout the entire bankruptcy process, ensuring each aspect is handled accurately and professionally. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ best interests to help them achieve relief from financial burdens.
We offer a free initial consultation during with our experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Please contact our bankruptcy law firm (951) 677-8064 to arrange an appointment. We are proud to provide Chapter 13 California Bankruptcy Information, and we look forward to helping you reorganize you debt to get a fresh start today!
california bankruptcy information
california bankruptcy information
california bankruptcy information
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